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Side quests

The Rapist event

Three random events that can be activated by walking down Konoha’s streets after the 20th game day.

Note: You should spend nights outside the house via the button in the right bottom corner.

First encounter

You can trigger this event at night after the 20th game day.

You run into a man who’s trying to rape a girl in an alley. If you decide to stay away and just watch, the quest will not progress and you’ll keep getting the same scene until you decide to butt in.

Second encounter

It also triggers at night, approximately 5 days after the last encounter.

You meet the same man once again, protect the girl and walk her home.

Third encounter

This encounter can be triggered by daylight, approximately 5 days after the last encounter. Go pay Amaya a visit, have a cup of tea and talk to her. A few hours later, a friend of Amaya’s little brother will knock on the door and tell you that a rapist abducted her brother. Amaya will rush to aid her brother. You have to use the transformation technique in the meantime. This is where the quest gets split into two different routes – you either manage to perform the technique (good route) or not (bad route).

Good route

You catch up with Amaya and tell her your plan. The plan is that our clone, who looks like Amaya, will meet with the rapist while true Amaya will stay outside.

Go the abandoned building where the rapist is hiding. He lets Amaya’s brother go, however, he took precautions and put a number of explosive jutsu on his body. These jutsu can only be disabled with another jutsu that is hidden in Amaya’s home.

You should make haste to Amaya’s place and start searching for that jutsu. If you manage to find 2 erotic magazines during your search, it will unlock a sex scene. One of the magazines can be found in the bedroom under the bed, the second one will be in the mailbox on the front porch. The jutsu is hidden in an armchair in the bedroom.

Once you saved the day and brought the rapist to Hokage, you should get back to Amaya and have a cup of tea with her. Amaya will reflect on what should she spend the money she received from Hokage. If you found two magazines during your search, you’ll have an additional line during the dialogue «Hm, maybe you should spend it on magazines?»

Bad route

Amaya makes her way to the abandoned building, you go in after her. The rapist lets the little brother go, who’s covered with explosive jutsu, and locks himself in a room with Amaya.

You get back home as quick as possible. If you manage to find a key during your search for jutsu (it will be under the rug on the front potch) – it will unlock a sex scene. The jutsu is hidden in an armchair in the bedroom.

Save the brother and take him to the hospital and then head back to the abandoned building. The place will be empty. You’ll only find a note from the rapist. Read it and head back to Amaya’s place, she’ll be back soon.

Once she returns, you’ll have a choice during the conversation:

Amaya, please, calm down. I didn’t mean to offend you

Damn you, I risked my ass to save you and your brother. Could you show some more gratitude?

If you choose the first option, there’ll be no sex scenes for you, even if you did found the key.

If you choose the second option, you either go home or get a sex-scene in a shower if you found the key.

Subsequent meetings

If you have finished event on a good ending with a sex scene, you can visit Amaya after 3 days.

There are 4 events (the last one is looped) in which you decide, may Amaya's brother peeping on your sex or not. The pause between each event is 3 days.

Experemantal Ramen

After the date with Sakura in Ichiraku, Ayame will begin working there every 2 days. You will be able to buy an experemental ramen from her. It should be eaten before you go to bed. There are only 3 special ramens so far.


Event will begin automatically in 30 october - 1 november if you already summoned the spider. Also you can activate this event via cheats menu.

Tenten comes to you house and tells you that today is a Halloween and you need to decorate the village. Go to hokage and take the pumpkins for this. Then go to any location, open inventory, choose pumpkin and place in anywhere. After placing all of the pumpkins go to the banqueting hall.

There you will meet Karin, Hinata, Tenten, Sakura and Ino (all in the costumes). After the Hokage speach they offer to go to the house with the ghosts. You need to choose one girl. There will be different dialogues depending on your choice. If Ino has good stats there will be a different ending with her.

Walk with choosed girl, the werewolf attacks, we save everyone, we get to the hospital, the end.

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